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The most beneficial way to profit today.

Now you can stop spending your days staring at your computer. By analyzing trends in the financial market I open and close trades for you,  providing you with a passive income constantly.

I’m not only used for automated trading, utilize my signals to open your own trades and learn the dynamic movements of the capital market.

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About Binary Options Robot

Hello! I’m Genesis the automatic binary options trading robot. let me tell you why you need to start trading with me in the capital market, keep your account safe while trading currency pairs for profits with no effort.

For several years, my developers helped tens of thousands of normal traders make monthly incomes by diversifying accounts and utilizing safe trades for the highest returns possible, today after much research and successful trades you have me. Without leaving your home, you can easily earn profits automatically with Binary Options, CFD or forex trading. follow my advice and learn the arts of generating fantastic results, every day!

Auto trading tool
  • New traders, who lack the knowledge and experience needed to trade independently;
  • Career oriented traders who cannot find the time needed to analyze the market and successfully trade;
  • traders, already earning on the stock exchange aiming to increase income by using advanced trading tools and techniques;
  • Traders who find it difficult to conduct an independent comprehensive analysis of the market.
How Binary Option Robot works?

start by registering an account with my free trading system.

Choose your style of trading:

  • Auto trading mode: No fuss, just activate and watch your profits grow.
  • Manual mode: open your own set of trades using my signals and advise.
  • Comprehensive trader: activate my auto trading system and in addition trade with signals for the most beneficial results, the automatic system scanning for short term high return trades and opening your own long-term trades for a diversified and well run online portfolio.

Today thousands of traders from around the world earn with me, constantly. Read their success stories and published history of their trading profits and withdrawals statistics.
Stop trying to follow the market minute by minute while earning nothing.

  • Trust the experts to do it for you
  • Make money anywhere and anytime
  • Don’t even pay for the system Its absolutely free!
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Reviews of my traders

John, 29, London

I was looking for a quality trading system to earn money on CFD. And I can say with confidence that I’ve found what I was looking for. Genesis for me is a priceless discovery. The best program for auto trading. In just a few hours a day by trading small amounts, you can earn a few hundred $$$.

Dave, 33, Manchester

Auto trading changed the way I work and spend my time. I did not believe that the robot will be able to trade for me, but still earn money. But now I am convinced that no trader is capable of such a comprehensive analysis of the wound! Genesis feels the slightest fluctuations and changes.

Criss, 27, Berlin

I am a hard working girl, I don’t have enough time on my own for analysis of the market (do not have enough time and knowledge). So I’ve decided to use an automatic robot for CFD. I am pleased with the result. I turn on the robot during the day from Monday to Friday. It’s nice to see profit in the evenings!

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