One Touch Binary Options Strategy

One Touch Options are not similar to the rest of the provided Binary Options of option500, as they provide higher payouts in case an asset reaches a predefined price and are tradable when all financial markets are closed during weekends, holidays, and after-hours.

If at any time from the initiation of the trade until the expiration of the option, the underlying asset reaches or surpasses the target price, then the option will be “In-the-Money” and the payout amount is credited at the investor’s account.


Additional Terms

One Touch Options are purchasable on Saturday from 12:00 AM to Sunday 19:00 PM. The Options are traded on Monday 12:00 AM to Friday 17:10 PM.

The options may only be purchased in the units of prices which are specified on the site. The options will be sampled over a period of five days, Monday through Friday, once a day in accordance with the 17:00 Sample rate.

The promised payout will be transferred to the client’s account on the option’s expiration date (Friday 20:00 Pm), even if the terms of the options have been realized before the end of the period.

The option payout conditions may vary and are shown on the trading box under the “one touch” folder.


 One Touch Binary Options are a Breather for Investors

One Touch Binary options are one of the new trading styles that brokers are increasingly adopting. The immensely high payout that this type of trading provides is clearly unmatched in the booking environment. if you are thinking to opt for the one touch binary options, you should know all the small nuances to get going seamlessly.

Trading Facts for One Touch Trading

As an investor, be patient to receive a substantial payout once the price of the core asset touches/exceeds (call) or falls below (put) the option’s strike price. You can buy one touch binary options between Friday post trading hours (specifically from 12 am on Saturday) to Sunday evening (till 7 pm). These options that you have bought are open for trading from Monday 12 am to Friday 5:10 pm. If you win on your intuition, you ought to receive your payout in your account as the option date expires (on Friday 8 pm).

How to do One Touch Trading with Option500?

• In the first place, you must select an asset.
• Thereafter, decide the amount that you would want to invest.
• Now, it’s time for you to decide whether the price will touch the target point.

Benefits of One Touch Trading

As we pointed out earlier, the payout in a One Touch trading strategy is huge; it can be as high as 700%. None of the binary options trading strategy offers such huge benefits. You must decide whether the prediction offered by us is going to take place or not. That will determine your win/lose situation.

For instance, if the EUR/USD closes at 1.35130 on Friday then the Option500 platform will offer two options – one for a ‘call’ and the other for a ‘put’. A call option implies that the EUR/USD is bound to go up and touch 1.38130 at least for once in the following week. On the other hand, a put option implies that the value will drop down to 1.32130 for at least once in the following week. So, you win if any one of your predictions comes true.

Uniqueness of the One Touch Strategy

The one major reason due to which one touch trading is considered unique is that you must base your prediction on only a single outcome while investing your money. There aren’t too many options which you can bank upon, which is why the window for profit is narrow. There isn’t a possibility where you can put your money predicting that the specified limit will not be touched. If the price level is attained as per your prediction at least for a single time in the entire week, you are bound to win the trade.

The other differentiating factor that one touch binary options offer is that the amount invested should always be in multiples of $25. As an investor, just let us know the number of units you want to trade with, with each unit being equivalent to $25.

Call to Action for Trading Platforms

First, as an investor, your market outlook must be strong to trade in one touch binary options. Understand the market direction and accordingly predict. As the associated profits are sky-high, therefore to trade with one touch binary options can be very lucrative. Come and access our platform to trade successfully. open an account, log in and choose the one touch strategy, remember, such high yield investment as one touch options is certainly there to stay in the trading community. Take the highest amount of risk to get the highest returns. The best time to trade with one touch options is when the market is showing strong sentiments.

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