Builder Trading

Build a Robust Portfolio with Builder Trading

The choice is of course yours! If you have become too tired to be bound by the expiration time of your binary options, builder trading is the best strategy that you can adopt. In this type of binary options trading, you can select the precise time as per your requirement as to when you want to end your binary option trading in the next 45 to 180 minutes.

The choice of time can happen in multiples of 5 minutes. Supposedly, if the start of trading is done at 2 pm, the earliest time that you can choose is at 2:45 pm and thereafter 2:50pm, 2:55 pm and so on. This can continue till 4 pm. Try to choose a within the end of the trading hour.

Difference between Regular Binary Options and Builder Strategy

Option500’s builder trading option provides an investor utmost control over his/her investment. The returns are way different and better than that of the returns provided by a regular high/low options. Usually, in conventional high/low binary options, usually the expiry time is extremely short-spanned. For instance, the jump from 15 minutes to 30 minutes does not give the investor a wide time span to make modifications in his/her investment decisions. Likewise, the jump from 30 minutes to 1 hour and typically from 1 hour to 2 hours does not tend to be that wide. This makes precise trading very difficult.

However, with the builder trading option, there is a possibility to create a binary option which has an associated expiry time span of 45 minutes. Such a situation allows the investor to reap the best return and also increases an investor’s probability to win a trade. Therefore, with builder trading options from Option500, here’s is your chance to make more money and keep winning.

Benefits of Builder Trading Strategy

Through this tool, you can customize your trades. A trader has the ability to pick a binary option which is more than mere call and put. They do not have to stay guided by the designated hourly, daily or weekly expiration times as well. Here, a trader has the versatility to define their specific trading parameters that suit his requirements and therefore the probability to win is much more than regular trading.

How to Execute a Builder Trading Strategy?

Effectuating a Builder Trading Strategy is not that complex. Follow the under mentioned guidelines and build a robust portfolio.
• First of all, an investor needs to choose the desired asset to trade – be it an index, forex, commodity, or equity stock. While picking up the asset, the different rankings of the binary option might come to your help. Weigh your requirement and choose the best asset that suits you.
• Thereafter, the investor has to opt for the desired maturity of the asset. The maturity of an asset depends solely on the market sentiments. The robust the market trend, the wider will be the maturity span.
• Soon after this, you need to adjust the risk exposure. Before investing, weigh all the allied chances of the risk and return. It is important for one to remember that more the return, lesser will be the refund. And it holds good vice-versa as well.
• Now, after weighing all risky situations, it’s time that you decide the amount of your investment.
• After having selected the expiration time, the final purchase is executed.
Here the purchaser has the freedom to choose all the trading parameters depending on his/her risk appetite.

Recommendation to Traders

Traders who have adopted the builder trading strategy are presumably not a novice in this field. This trading tool is a tad difficult for beginners, but it reaps huge benefits for those investors who have a strong acumen and understanding of the market dynamics. Not everybody has a similar risk appetite, thus the option to modify the binary option (upon selecting all the parameters by themselves) as per individual choice becomes the best fit sometimes. For instance, an aggressive investor will undertake more risk in order to earn huge profits, whereas, on the other hand, a defensive investor will always want to minimize the risk factor.

To trade in builder option, an investor should log in with his/her credentials into the trading account and take necessary steps thereafter after landing in the trading platform. Soon after this, it is advised to select the option builder trading mode, wherein the asset is also selected as per individual choice. As the investor has selected the expiration time and amount to invest, now is the time to choose the payout. Pay as per your prediction and get moving with this advanced trading strategy. Try now the Builder trading in Option500 trading platform

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