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Find out why Option500’s trading platform is the best platform for your investments, check out all of the platform’s features, choose the right strategy that fit you and start making a successful trades!

Get Full Control of Your Trades Through the Best Options Found in Trading Platforms

Becoming a trader and enjoying the perks that come with it is now made easier, thanks to various trading platforms available today. Designed as a software loaded with features and tools, these platforms allow traders to complete trades, from closing to the management of market positions.

These are highly secure and helpful environments, allowing traders to make informed trades. Traditionally, brokers provide access to these platforms for free, or at a discounted rate, provided that investors and traders like you maintain a funded account.

Although access may come for free or at a discounted rate, not all platforms are ideal for trading. Look for full-featured and a highly-secured platform that can make trading fast, efficient and stress-free. Option500 is your dependable platform for making trades. As a full-featured platform with lots of options, it also gives you access to market analysis and other market tools that can help you make complete trades in a confident manner.

When these functional and reliable platform features are complemented by a responsive customer and technical support, you get access to a truly solid and well-round trading platform. Listed below are popular features included in the trading platform, and explanations why these features are must-haves in any decent trading platform.

Binary Options

One of the popular options in a trading platform is a binary option, allowing you to trade with fewer complications, making it a recommended option for new investors.

In binary trading options, you trade market and price direction of the underlying asset, and not the asset itself. It’s basically based on a simple ‘Yes/No’ proposition- will the price of the underlying asset rise at a set time, or will it fall below the set price?

Traditionally, binary options or contracts may range from $0 to $100. If the contract gets at 0 or near it, it means that the proposition is false. And when the end result is 100 or near this number, the proposition is true.

Should you decide to use this option, you get a chance to trade on a number of underlying instruments, from currency pairs, like GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and EUR/USD. Commodity binary options are also available, online CFD’s trading, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherum. covering crude oil, gold, silver, copper, and natural gas.

For example, if the price of crude oil (Brent) is $ 47.416 and you think that at a certain time, the price will rise, you can get into a binary options contract that pays off once price indeed increase.

60 Sec Options

One of the defining features of binary options is the time element- it allows traders like you to set the strike time. But th a more faster way of getting results from your trades- the 60 Sec option.

With this recent innovation in trading, Option500 provides you with an opportunity to trade fast, within 60 seconds. Just like the traditional ‘Call and Put’ orders offered by the best trading platform of Option500, this option allows investors like you to predict the movement of the price- will the price of the underlying asset goes up or down?

This is a unique (and exciting) option, that provides instant results. As soon as the order has been placed, clock starts, and contract expires after 60 seconds. For someone looking to get an instant results, the 60 second option offered by Option500 is your best bet.

Long Term

In opposite to 60 sec trades, The Long Term Binary Options gives you the ability to trade at a wider time frame. By taking into account the macroeconomic environment and basic fundamental indicators, you can have exposure to positions expiring from the next day up to 1 year.

For experienced traders who want to take trading seriously, with 30 or 50 orders per year or even more, then a platform that offers long term trading services should be selected.

For example, if you want to consistently trade in binary options, you want to work with a platform that supports long-term trading plans. As a top binary options platform that is reliable and gives you access to training materials and tools, we can provide you with the right environment and trading platform. We can provide you with custom services and easy access to customer and technical support so you will have the assistance that you are looking for in every trade that you make.


For someone who wants to specialize in binary options and in tracking the progress of the price of the underlying asset every step of the way, the ladder feature for binary is highly recommended.

We strongly recommended this feature to season investors and traders who have a strong command of numbers, can comfortably track market movements, and can easily make sense of market fluctuations and movements.

As your reliable binary options trading platform, you will be given a chance to predict the movement of the price, every step of the way. Earnings and better Return on Investments or ROI can be yours if you can accurately predict the price as it moves the ladder.

Designed as a ladder, the returns and earnings grow larger, as price moves. Taken at face value, this option provided by trading platforms can be quite tricky and complicated, which can frustrate first-time investors. But if used the right way, the ladder option that we offer here at Option500 can help you reduce risks, and explore a different way to trade binary options.

So how do you complete a trade using the ladder option? Once you have completed your sign-up, just choose the ladder option within the platform. You will be prompted to indicate the amount of investment that you want to make, and the expiry. You will also be presented with different price levels, and you will speculate if ever the price will go up or down on every level.

FX / CFD Online Trading

In investing, FX refers to foreign exchange contracts, and CFDs refer to contracts-for-difference. These are considered derivatives that allow traders and investors a chance to predict the price movements of leading currencies, metals, energy and equity index products.

When you open an account with us and trade CFDs, you agree to offer the difference between the closing and opening price of a CFD position. Here, you do not take ownership of the asset in a long position, or deliver it on a short position. What you simply do is to speculate on the price movements of an underlying asset, much like in binary options offered by Option500 best binary options platform.

For example you decided to purchase a contract of SPX500, and enters the long position at 1,000. Since each unit represents 10 units, its value is $10,000.00. At a margin rate of 4-percent, your margin requirement is pegged at $400.00. If the SPX500 moves to $1,010, and you decide to sell your position, then you get to earn a neat profit of $100. And using the margin deposit of $400, the ROI for this contract is 25-percent.

Here’s another example, focusing on a EUR/USD currency pairing, trading at 1.13010/1.13020. You have read somewhere that Euro is likely to lose ground, and you decide to sell EUR10,000 because of this ‘expected’ movement. Assuming that this currency pair features a tier 1 margin rate of 0.20 percent, it means that you will deposit $226.03 (0.20-percent x [EUR10,000x 1.13015]). So you were right, and your prediction was spot on, and it dropped to 1.12510/1.12520. With this development, you want to close it by buying using the current price, 1.12520. After completing the transaction, price moved by 49 points, in your favor, offering you a neat profit. Using this basic computation [EUR10,000x 1.13010]-[EUR10,000×1.12520], you earn a profit of $49.

One Touch

In ‘One Touch’ option offered by trading platforms, you get a chance to experience a different trading experience, with massive payouts. In many platforms, these are designed as ‘all-or-nothing’ trading experiences, which means that if you are on-the-money’ you get the complete payout. And some of these platforms and brokers offer a payout of up to 700-percent. But there lies the risk- should you fail to predict the market or the price movement of the underlying asset, you lose all your investment.

This trading option is usually available from Monday to Friday, with an expiry of trades at 5PM GMT. In some cases, the options can be tried during Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to start trading using the One Touch platform, you simply select your underlying asset, and amount that you want to invest. Now, if the underlying asset touches the set strike price, transaction is favorable, and you earn from this trade. Different platforms will have their systems in processing the trades. But traditionally, in a One Touch trade, the price of the option is checked daily, at 5 PM GMT, using a sample rate from an authoritative source like Reuters. If the option’s price is equal or even better than its sale price during its expiry, it is considered in-the-money. But if the price is less than the sale price at the time of expiration, then it will be a losing proposition for the trader. In short, this is similar to the approach taken in binary options trading, as offered by Option500 best binary options trading platform.

The challenge for investors like you is to speculate on the price and predict if will move up or down. One of the best things about this option is that waiting time is reduced since you no longer need to wait for an expiry. As soon as the price of the underlying asset reaches the target (or falls below the price) a payout will be given. This is an exciting option that you can explore since it offers a massive payout, that can reach up to 700-percent.


Investing is both an art and a science- it requires a systematic approach too, and a solid strategy that can guide you along the way. Although many traders have relied on their gut feel when it comes to investing and trading, having a solid investing strategy is often better, and can save you resources along the way. But how do you build a strategy, and are there tools that can help you?

It can be done when you use trading platforms, through the use of an option called Builder. With this option, you are given the chance to craft your own investing strategy, based on a number of parameters, including market data and rankings. You are also given a chance to define your universe of equities that will form part of the strategy.

There are different ways on how to define your universe of equities. For example, some platforms will allow you to sort all stocks based on the analyst ratings, or based on their market capitalization. Other criteria and parameters may be provided by the platform, and your choice will depend on your needs and preferences.

Once you have defined your universe of equities, then that is the time that you can invest in a portfolio. Simply click on a button that says ‘Invest’, and the platform will show the investment wizard. Here, you will be asked to provide an investment amount. You will be asked to provide the order type, and this can be done by accessing the ‘Create Orders’ using a selector. In short, a Builder allows you to create a personalized strategy, create your own universe of equities and test and adjust this, when required.

Spot Follow

If the ladder approach works for the experienced traders, the Spot Follow option on the other hand will cater to investors lacking in experience and market confidence. The arrangement in Spot Follow is simple- you select the traders that you want to follow to learn more from their trades and expertise, and set the length of time that you to follow them. You also need to set your investment limit and investment per trade, and you can start following.


Responsible and informed investing are required if you want to be successful in trading. To become an informed and responsible trader, you need to exercise due diligence, and conduct market research to make an informed price prediction. Another approach is to understand your trading limits when using binary platforms. Trading limits, as used in forex, refer to a strategy to help you enter a contract, at a specified time or rate. In this strategy, the investor remains on top of things, controlling the direction of the order. A sell or buy for a specific asset will only push through (or will be approved), provided it meets the requirement set by the investor. If the requirements are not satisfied, order becomes canceled, protecting one’s investment. Most platforms allow require easy steps to configure the strategy. If you are a new user of a platform, explore the trading area, and select the underlying asset and related details. Simply configure the order based on your target limits, and you are good to go. With this strategy, you get a chance to take control of your investing decisions, and avoid trading decisions that you regret in the end.


In pairs trading, investors and traders get to enjoy a number of benefits, including controlled risks and profit that is not dependent on market or price direction. In this type of trading option, you simply match a long position with a shot one of two stocks, that belong to the same sector. This creates a hedge, allowing the trader to minimize his losses, if any.

For example, an individual is long on stock A, but short on stock B. Since both stocks are connected and correlated, both stocks may take a hit if the sector tumbles. But using the losses that the individual may get from the long position may be compensated by the gains in the short position. This means that even if the sector is gloomy, you will end the day with minimized losses, hence it’s often called a neutral trading.

Also, there is no need to worry about price or market directions. In pairs, your long position is exposed to a risk that price will go down, and the second serves as your hedge against the first. In short, the directional risk is minimized, and earnings or profits defend primarily on the differences in price changes between the two, and not based on the direction of one underlying instrument.

Option500 is Your Best Choice When It Comes to Trading!

Trading options, including the ones listed here, are provided for traders and investors to help simplify the trading process, and offers a seamless way to manage a portfolio. When the list of options is properly selected, and backed by market data and statistics, it can help traders make informed trades, using different underlying assets.

Also these full-featured trading platforms with the best features will serve as a virtual assistant for every trader, automating trades and making sure that a trade is within the prescribed strategy, using trading limits set.

On these counts, Option500 becomes your obvious choice as your partner in trading. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, you can count on the full-suite of features offered by Option500 which can help you make sense of market fluctuations and statistics. Option500

And since it offers only the best features possible in any trading platform, it becomes a flexible and highly scalable trading partner in your quest to become a successful trader.

Go to the Trading Platform and choose one of the features to begin your successful trades!

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